Your Example

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. -Maya Angelou

Your energy is soft and light.

When you enter a room, you smile, but don’t demand attention.

You don’t hesitate to give your support and move into action.

No request is too small for you.

Garbage duty, finding a band-aid, and setting up snacks, are part of what you do.

Come with me, you say. And off you go, with the student in hand.

Even when it is crazy busy. You are fully present.

You go unnoticed in a class, as you sit side by side with students.

You greet each student by name, with sincerity.

Your ego is small but your beliefs are big and bold.

Positive behavior is noticed and commented on. In detail.

You treat everyone with respect and dignity.

You don’t use power to change minds. You make time for conversations. Then make more time.

Your words and actions match.

You believe people can change.

To you, everyone is equally important and valued. There is no hierarchy.

You put the spotlight on others.

When a child approaches, you bend down and greet them. At their level.

Your example makes me think about my example.


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